Boredom !!!!!!! Not Really Maybe It’s Just You

It doesn’t take long sitting about doing nothing to start feeling really bored. I am forever amazed at people who can tell me every plot on just about every TV show past and present. I have tried to join in and sit and watch a whole series from start to finish. Thirty minutes is about all I can stand before I get bored and start looking for an excuse to leave the room.


I’m not saying that these shows don’t have enough to keep me sitting there but for me to sit down for one hour and watch something uninterrupted takes a lot. I have been to the cinema and on the odd occasion I have been entertained I still found it really hard work to stay seated without fidgeting for the entire time the movie was on.

Lord of The Rings was an impossible task for me. I loved the books and have never been one whole compares books to movies so I was looking forward to release of it. However when i found out it was more than three hours long there was absolutely no way i was going to watch that in a room full of strangers getting irate with me for fidgeting, pushing past them to leave and back in and all this after 30 minutes which after having watched the movie was in fact only the end of the titles.

It is strange however that I can sit on a hillside for more than 30 minutes, in fact a few hours flashes by without me noticing time at all. I guess each to there own but I do get annoyed when people say that I’m edgy about everything or that I am easily bored. I’m not easily bored just get bored easily by mundane television programmes or inane conversations about what the weather will be like tomorrow as though anything I have to say about it will make it change.


I know that people are only trying to be polite and make conversation about the weather or about last nights TV but I’m not rude if I don’t want to join in, am I? I’m not rude to the person if they do actually start the conversation but I do go out of my way to avoid them or pretend I’m busy looking for something out the window. Looking out of windows can often be another fantastic distraction if I find my self bored in a room full of people, say a restaurant or a bar or a meeting, you get the point.

Anyway to the point I only really get bored when I have to sit somewhere I don’t want to be, in front of a TV or in front of a weather warbler

When Hunger Strikes Anything Will Do

That’s what I thought anyway. No matter how hungry you are you can always find food when travelling. The food however isn’t always to your taste but if you travel enough then your taste will change to the travel. The hygiene is something most people will talk about when eating street food but to be honest in the years I have eaten street food across Thailand I haven’t once been ill. I have however had food poison from a burger at a top end hotel in Bangkok.

On one particular long trip I had some time in a nameless town in Malaysisa and found myself trying to find something a little comforting to eat but the nameless town didn’t have anything that resembled a western style store. I had resorted back to some good old favourite stuff i always call congee! There are many different types of congee, which is basically a rice soup with a constancy of porridge. Across south east Asia as the sun rises the congee sellers with appear and start selling their special take on a traditional dish that more often or not has been passed down from generation to generation.


This version seems to be a little heavy on the pepper. Now I do love spicy food and always add more spice than the vendors provide with the meal. As always they believe us west born people can’t take food spicy, which is often true, but I have developed a love of real spice. The pepper on this congee was added after I requested more spice. I’m not sure I got the point across about adding more chillies.

The best thing about the dish however wasn’t the taste, although it was nice if a little peppery, but the pattern the pepper created on the surface of the congee. Looking at the image is a direct connection to the taste of pepper sitting in the heat as the sun was rising. Don’t let the Carlsberg in the corner fool you into thinking this isn’t morning, it’s a drinks condom that keeps a bottle of coke cold at breakfast and a beer cold in the evening.

Around and Around the Social Sphere

Like all …… (fill in the gaps) I thought it was about time I joined the social sphere and get out there and see what’s happening in the world of virtual travel. There are so many different platforms that my head hurts just trying to work out which are best, which are linked, which are actually social media and not social advertising. After a morning I gave up and just went for conformity and choose twitter, and google+

I will no doubt have a lot more to learn about these platforms and how they can be incorporated into this website. I mean I don’t really want to be writing then writing about what I have written then pushing the plug about what I’ve written and on, and on and on it goes…….. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

The selfie! is one place I shall never go NO NO NO NO !!!

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The F5 Test

I have long wanted to take more photos but never seem to get the time. I guess I can’t really blame anyone else for this as its me who isn’t really working hard on my personal time and always filling it with other ‘more important’ things.

I’m not that good at taking pictures but I have been on some training courses to talk about how to improve composition and better understand field of depth, shutter speeds etc. The thing is I’m still not that good at it! I’m not looking for some form of moral support or a boost to my ego with anyone saying “no you are good honest”, I just want to take an image that I like.

I found myself with some time to kill, well actually a lot of time to kill, and was busily complaining to myself about how bored I was and how if I had a better way of planning for these boring moments then I would be so much happier.

You would never have known that I was waiting in what is classed as one of the most beautiful part of the world. When you get bored however nothing around you seems to be that good any more. I took myself and after a few self slaps decided that I would work on a project. I called it the F5 Project! The aim was simple I was going to walk along the beach and take some shots of things I could find and using only F5 stop take some shots at different focal lengths, shutter speeds etc. I wasn’t really thinking too hard on this or what I wanted from the task other than to spend some time walking along the beach.

I ended up with a good few shots that I thought demonstrated the issue of depth of field and focal length.

F5 ProjectF5 ProjectF5 Project

Image Info
Focal length 24.0mm (35mm equivalent: 36mm)
Exposure time 0.0050 s (1/200)
Aperture f/5.0
ISO equiv. 100
Metering Mode spot
Exposure aperture priority (semi-auto)

Travel and the Biggest Adventure


So what could be a bigger adventure than leaving the soft, safe, familiar world you spend your day’s in and setting off into the unknown? Now I’m not talking about an overnight trip or something that takes you on a hotel or B&B based adventure. I am talking about packing your bag, just the one, and leaving!

Not running away from your old life but leaving it all behind and walking off into the unknown.

The fear anticipated in such a move is what can only be considered equal to stepping to a cliff edge and wondering what happens next if I step of this ledge. To not know your way or where you’re going next or how your gonna’ get there get there or what will happen, all very exciting.

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